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Fresh Ingredients

Fresh ingredients grown and produced in Hawaii are used in our Hawaiian and specialty pizzas. After you instantly notice the difference in food quality, you will then find yourself craving for more of our Doughlicious pizzas, sandwiches and desserts.


The Pizza

Doughlicious is an aloha-filled, kama`aina (locally) owned and operated pizza restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii. Check out our menu below. We will be happy to answer any questions about the pizzas, sandwiches and desserts that we make fresh here in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.


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Our Fresh Handmade Pizza
Your Choice of Sauce: Marinara, Pesto, Garlic Butter, Olive Oil
Add buttery garlic bread topped with homemade marinara to any order. 12 inch – $7.75
Specialty Pizza
All specialty pizzas can be spiked with truffle oil
Sm $15.75, Med $20.75, Lg $28.75
Extra Toppings: Sm $1.95, Med $2.75, Lg $3.50

1) Pastrami– Thin Sliced Pastrami, Premium Blended Cheeses2) Sriracha – Chicken, Shrimp, Bell Peppers, Drizzled Sriracha (Hot & Spicy)

3) Shrimp”Licious”– Shrimp, Fresh Garlic, Anchovies, Capers, Tomatoes

4) Meat”Licious”– Ham, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Pork Sausages

5) Doughlicious Classic Combo – Hot Seller! – Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Olives, Onions, Mixed Bell Peppers

6) Peter’s Special – Hot Seller! – Spinach, Minced Garlic, Portuguese Sausage, Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Olives, Onions, Mixed Bell Peppers

7) Garden – Tomatoes, Olives, Onions, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Garlic (Vegetarian)

8) Shaved Zucchini – Spinach, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Vegetarian)

9) Caprese – Tomatoes, Basil, Whole Milk Mozzarella (Vegetarian)

Hawaiian Pizzas

Sm $14.95, Med $19.95, Lg $27.95
Extra Toppings: Sm $1.95, Med $2.75, Lg $3.50

10) Waikiki – Premium Blend Cheeses, Ham, Pineapple11) BBQ Luau – Kalua Pork Or Chicken, Onions, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, BBQ Sauce

12) Lanikai – Shrimp, Bacon, Pineapple, Jalapenos

13) Waimanalo – Hot Seller! – Pesto Sauce, Mushrooms, Sweet Onions, Spinach, Bacon, Feta Cheese, Topped With Truffle Oil

14) Kailua – Shrimp, Assorted Bell Peppers, Minced Garlic, Pineapple, Jalapenos

Create Your Own Custom Pizza
Includes up to 3 toppings
Sm $15.60, Med $20.75, Lg $27.50
Extra Toppings: Sm $1.95, Med $2.75, Lg $3.50
Meat: Pepperoni, Pork Sausage, Italian Sausage, Portuguese Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Pastrami, Shrimp, Anchovies, Chicken Breast, Ground Beef, Kalua Pig, Canadian Bacon
Tomatoes, Onions, Bell Peppers, Olives, Roasted Garlic, Minced Garlic, Zucchini, Basil, Spinach, Capers, Artichoke Hearts, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Mushrooms
Say Cheese! In the mood for just a cheese pizza?
Sm $11.99 Med $17.99 Lg $25.99
Hot / Cold Sandwiches
All sandwiches made with a foot long toasted baguette (mayo and mustard included)
All sandwiches – $11.75
Melt ‘licious’ Sandwiches

15) Pastrami Melt – Lettuce, Onion, Tomatoes, Cheese

16) Mushroom Melt – Your Choice Of Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef or Pastrami, With Mushrooms And Cheese

17) BBQ Onion – Kalua Pork, Onions, BBQ Sauce

18) Marinara Chicken – Melted Parmesan, Lettuce, Onions, Tomatoes

19) Spicy BBQ – Chicken Or Beef, Melted Cheeses, BBQ Sauce, Jalapenos

Fresh Cold Cut Sandwiches

20) Pesto Pesto – $13.75 – Hot Seller! – Roast beef, pesto, hot melted cheese, onion, tomato, feta cheese

21) Veggie – Lettuce, Onion, Tomatoes, Olives, Bell Peppers, Feta, Spinach, Salt, Pepper

22) Hot Italian – $13.75 – Hot Seller! – Marinara, pepperoni, Italian sausages, Ham, feta cheese

Ice Cold Drinks – 20 oz. – $2.25


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